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Shun Lee Precision

Shun Lee Precision Technology (Domintech: DMT) cut since 2007 MEMS industry, specializing in the field of MEMS Motion Sensor, comprising three-axis acceleration sensor (gravity sensor) and a gyro. DMT from key packaging and testing technology insertion MEMS field, and successfully developed a unique production test equipment, and then into the front of the MEMS chip design. With the system level packaging and testing technology accumulation and advantages, DMT successfully launched consumer-level D03 and D05 with the accelerometer; strong research and development and back-end testing and packaging technology, will continue to continue to bring the highest price to end customers MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes products.

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Taiwan Megawin

Taiwan Megawin (Megawin) technology is a focus on the MCU hardware and software design of high-tech companies, providing mainly based on 8051 MCU product solutions. Megawin is the world's first company to launch 1T 8051 series products manufacturers, products can be accomplished by connecting line program download, enabling customers to produce, but also help customers reduce product design costs. The company in addition to the complete IC product line, software development environment based on MCU and Emulator (ICE), the programmer, on-line downloader (ISP) equally with considerable strength, is the world's first company to launch with online download ( ISP) function of IC design companies, this feature allows customers in the new product development process more intuitive and easy to use. Megawin full range of products we have passed the ESD: 6KV, A Class EFT: 1.5KV, EMI: <30dB of performance testing, industrial control, automotive electronics and other industries has been widely used.

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SensorDynamics is headquartered in Austria, has R & D centers and subsidiaries in Germany and Italy. It has a sound global sales network. SensorDynamics company is committed to providing innovative high-end user market sensor solutions, develop and provide fail-safe micro and wireless semiconductor sensor systems. SensorDynamics products with excellent anti-jamming, temperature uniformity and powerful system-level integration capabilities to gain a foothold in the global MEMS gyro sensors, most of its products are used in automotive, industrial, medical and high-end consumer electronics products.

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