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Interesting, it was on the wing and then the Pro champion also - Landlords conte


I am honored to become the second path ROAD-WELL Landlords Championship.

Little do they know need to take the championship victory over the five games in a row to complete 10 125 Bureau remember 7000 cards, but I won only four games. Second I have been eliminated, winding paths, busy chairman is unable to attend this round of official competition, so the second group as a coincidence I substitute magically resurrected, which confirms the "promising chance." Landlords contest organized by the company I benefited, not just spend yo silver ticket, more is sentiment: just before the precious opportunity to take advantage of that chance of survival; Comrade Mao say unprepared to fight the battle, know ourselves is yourself.

        Lifeline line due to chance from hope, then do the first substitute.

        I was reborn after being eliminated, which made me realize that when there is a chance of survival, but also to do everything ready to do the first one off the bench. I remember a time when the PM said a word: PM did not because PM PM before doing work, but when you do expect to do PM SALES begin doing PM work, you will be selected as the first PM bench.

Opportunity is not easy, take advantage of, like death epigenetic only drastic, it is to go all out and not try.

Know thyself before victory. Landlords is a game of luck, observe the environment around is a game of luck. Also playing cards View card View Viewpoint environment, understand each other ideas will greatly enhance your luck. Like our customers do, understand the real needs of customers will greatly enhance the probability of turnover.

Landlords is an art.

The elderly also cloud the election law must first take him to play cards, cards such as character. View cards without a word true gentleman; Pei Xuan brand product is used; so visible Landlords is an art ah!

Finally, I would face with a smile, to receive my prize to express my heartfelt thanks to all the people it!

Next year, let us feel the art of baptism again, The 3rd Session Of R-W Champion see.

Landlords tips attached:

1,6 and 10 off, if you have got it straight only smaller than bombs.

2, look at the first.

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